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NHL futures betting, as the name may already suggest, is wagering on something to happen in a future hockey game.  This type of sports bet Canada is usually decided over a more extended period or a few weeks or days before a hockey game-day. More so, there are many NHL hockey future bet markets, but the most popular futures bets are the particularly wagering on which team will win the Playoffs or the Stanley Cup. NHL hockey futures betting is not only entertaining but very rewarding, hence many Canadians love betting on them. Read on for more on how to bet NHL futures and find sportsbooks with the best NHL betting odds.

Canada NHL futures


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Canadian punters are spoilt for choice when it comes to wagering options throughout the NHL regular season, as the best sportsbook offer NHL futures odds on the NHL Division and Conference Championships. All the hot betting action is featured exclusively on a hockey futures board at the best bookmakers until the beginning of preseason games.


NHL futures are an “odds to win” setting.  What you essentially do is predict which team will win at an upcoming event. From then, your wager amount will be tied up until there is an outcome on the event that you wagered on. If successful, you get to win real cash. Canadian punters can bet on NHL futures prior and during an NHL season.

The winnings are calculated as follows; for instance, say you wager $100 on the Toronto Maple Leafs winning the NHL Stanley Cup finals on 30/1 odds, then it means your total payout will be $3100. The formula is (30/1 * 100) which equals $3100. So, $3000 is your total win and $100 bet money back. Read more on the Stanley Cup below.


The Stanley Cup futures are the most popular hockey future bets loved by many. In this market, players in Canada get to wager on which team will win the Stanley Cup. These types of futures are usually updated after each night of games throughout the season. In order to protect themselves from any event that would affect Stanley Cup odds, Canadian sportsbooks often pull futures odds as the games begin each night – although this is not something which happens very often. More so, the best Canadian sportsbook which offers hockey futures will have a minimum of Playoff futures odds.


Below is a simple and straight forward strategy for beginner NHL futures bettors. Using these tips should help you make informed futures bets and improved your chances of winning.

  • Compare Odds – Every other NHL futures betting site will have their own odds. So, it’s always a wise idea to shop for sportsbooks with the best NHL futures odds to get the best payout. You can start with the online betting sites we have on our list. You’re sure to find the best NHL futures odds to leave you with big wins and profit.
  • Stick to Smaller Bets – Don’t bet too many futures at once. Only focus on bets where you see value and make safer smaller bets than spending your entire bankroll.
  • Check the Trends – Odds change quite frequently. So sometimes you might want to wait for a contender to have a bad week in order to improve your winnings. Patience is a virtue.

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