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lacrosse betting websites canadaLacrosse is a very popular team sport in Canada introduced in the mid-1800s. It is based on games which were played by various Native American communities dating back to 1100 AD. The game which has four versions is played with lacrosse sticks and a lacrosse ball; the head of the stick is used to catch, carry, pass and shoot the ball into the goal. Lacrosse involves two opposing teams with a 12-a-side for women and 10 for men. The modern name derives from the term la crosse used to refer to bishop’s staff (which look like the lacrosse sticks) in French and comes from French missionaries.  In 1859, the lacrosse game was declared a national sport in Canada. However, in 1994, the Canadian Parliament ruled it a national summer sport and ice hockey a national winter sport. The sport is loved by many Canadians and bettors alike. You too can win big by betting lacrosse online.

In this guide, our experts will teach you everything you need to know about the Lacrosse game including finding the best Lacrosse websites with the best Lacrosse lines to bet, and also more on the Canadian lacrosse league, teams, roster and scores. Start learning more about lacrosse in our guide below. Choose easy sports betting and make your sports gambling experience worthwhile!


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Lacrosse is a fairly old sport, as already mentioned. It was played way before the arrival of European colonists. The First Nations people referred to it as tewaarathon and baggataway. Two teams played in each field, which consisted of 100 to a thousand men. The game was then adopted by different clubs and new versions, which were more aggressive were introduced leading to churches and schools being excluded from playing the sport.

In 1925, the Canadian Lacrosse Association was established to govern the sport. To date, the body is a watchdog for national junior and senior lacrosse championship tournaments for both men and women playing field and box lacrosse.


As you may have already picked up from the previous sections, the lacrosse sport has four different versions; Field Lacrosse, Box Lacrosse, Women’s Lacrosse and Intercrosse. The rules for each version of the online betting sport are different and we discuss them below:


Field lacrosse is an outdoor version of the sport played by men. Each team consists of ten players; one goalie, three defensemen, attackmen and midfielders. Each of the players, including the goalie, carries a stick – the size of the lacrosse stick depends on a player’s position. For instance, a maximum of four players (midfielders and attackers) use shorter sticks, whilst defensemen use longer ones and the goalie has a stick with a much wider head.  More so, the duration of each field Lacrosse game is 60 minutes divided into quarters of 15 minutes each. At the beginning of each quarter, the play begins and then comes a face-off after each goal. For technical and personal fouls, a penalty is granted.


Box lacrosse is played indoors in a hockey rink by teams of five runners and a goalkeeper. The surface of the arena is usually covered by artificial turf, or takes place where ice has been removed or on a normal soccer field. Box lacrosse gets its name from the fact that the area which its played on is called a box and differs from the traditional lacrosse game played on an open field.

Box lacrosse was introduced in the 1930s and is used to promote hockey arenas when it’s not hockey season. It is fast-paced, and offending players in the game get sent to a penalty box and the team continues without them. The highest level in the National Lacrosse League is where Box Lacrosse takes action and by Senior A divisions of the Canadian Lacrosse Association.


Women’s lacrosse, as the name may already suggest, is played by women. The rules differ completely from the men’s games. Here, the degree of aggressiveness and the equipment used are adjusted. More so, the rules also differ between the US and other countries, which are under the Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL). No physical contact is allowed in women’s lacrosse. The lacrosse stick in this game version is also not allowed to have a loose net, nor pockets.  The gameplay is also completely different.


Intercrosse is another version of the lacrosse game where soft sticks are used. The head of the stick is not made of leather, nor nylon pockets but rather plastic. The lacrosse ball used is also different in that it is larger and softer. Intercrosse is popular in Quebec.


Betting on Lacrosse is very exciting in Canada, with the best lacrosse gambling sites providing the best lines for betting. Before you can head on to the lines, we’ve listed an easy 5-step guide to joining a lacrosse website to start playing:

  1. Choose and sign-up at our highly recommended lacrosse betting sites.
  2. Make a deposit.
  3. Check lacrosse odds and betting lines.
  4. Place your bets.
  5. Check lacrosse scores and enjoy your winnings!


The best lacrosse sportsbooks provide CA bettors with the best betting lines for Lacrosse. You can choose the leagues and Canadian teams that you would like to bet on hassle-free. Our highly recommended lacrosse betting websites always have opportunities for betting on lacrosse tournaments. The following section lists the different tournaments and championships that you can bet on. You can bet on the outcome for individual players, the rest of the match, season winners and a whole lot more at the best lacrosse websites.


Below are the popular lacrosse championships which Canadian bettors can place their wagers on:

  • World Indoor Lacrosse Championship
  • Under-19 World Championships (women)
  • Under-19 World Championships (men)
  • Women’s Lacrosse World Cup
  • World Lacrosse Championship


  • Lacrosse Summer Olympics
  • European Lacrosse Championships


There are different lacrosse leagues and teams in Canada. Below are the different leagues. Click on the relevant category for an expansion on the different teams and more.

College  Lacrosse
Men’s League Lacrosse
Women’s College Lacrosse
Professional Lacrosse
Major League Lacrosse
National Lacrosse League
Premier Lacrosse League
United Women’s Lacrosse League


Lacrosse is an exciting sport to place your wagers on. For the best lacrosse gambling experience, you will need to bet on the sport at the best lacrosse websites we recommend. There you will find the best betting lines for the game. Lacrosse is fairly easy to understand, and in order to make a successful bet, you will need to familiarise yourself with the different teams in the league you choose to bet on. Remember to also check the current standings and recent lacrosse scores to make an informed decision when placing your wagers. Make use of the guides we linked to above.


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