Fantasy hockey betting in CanadaFantasy hockey betting is very popular in Canada, with many Canadian players playing fantasy hockey for cash on a daily and also through season-long bets. Betting NHL fantasy hockey is not only entertaining but very rewarding. There are many hockey betting options flooding the internet but we are here to help you through the maze.

So, are you looking for the best fantasy hockey betting sites? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you will learn all you need to know about fantasy NHL hockey betting and find the best fantasy hockey sportsbooks and more!




Betting on NHL fantasy hockey is similar to betting on any other fantasy sports; drafting fantasy hockey teams and winning real cash when they perform successfully in real life. So, in NHL fantasy, players are handed a salary cap which they must use to then draft a roster of nine-star players to perform on a given NHL game week. Player performance is determined by different key stats. From the nine fantasy hockey team players, you will need to at least have a goaltender, a utility player, two defensemen, two centres, three wings in any position.

Once completed setting your fantasy hockey draft, you will then accumulate points based on real-life NHL hockey games. Your roster of players will earn points based on the number of acts which relates on their specific role. For instance, your defencemen or offensive players score points on actions such as goals, shots, clocks, assists and more. You can even earn bonus points given that your team is short-handed. Meanwhile, your goaltender can earn you points on team wins,  shutouts and save. Actions such as conceding could make you lose goaltender points.

Moreover, as the match progresses you will be updated on your player individual scores and also your roster’s cumulative total. The more points your team scores. The more real cash you make.


Joining a fantasy hockey contest is very easy. You can start your journey in hockey betting via the following easy steps:

  1. Sign Up for Free – Choose and register at any of your favourite fantasy hockey betting sites from our list above.
  2. Make a Deposit – There are different deposit options available for you to fund your online betting account and play fantasy hockey for real cash at our sportsbooks.
  3. Choose a Contest – There are many fantasy hockey contests you can participate in. Whether you want to wager on daily fantasy hockey or season-long contests.
  4. Draft your Team – You can choose from either a bruising running back or use big salary on a stud wide receiver. Your choice!
  5. Watch Games – you can watch your games live on the site via live stream or listen to a fantasy hockey podcast or watch games on TV.
  6. Win Real Cash – Your winnings are paid out immediately after the game.


Fantasy hockey betting is available throughout the year. Canadian players can wager from international matches such as the World Cup of Hockey to the Canadian Junior A leagues and popular American hockey. The National Hockey takes place every year in early October and you can look forward to all the ice action. NHL fantasy hockey is popular in Canada for daily and season-long drafts. Below are some of the important things to consider before drafting your NHL fantasy teams:

  • Check for injuries.
  • Select the best players.
  • Use the wealth of information available

Most importantly, target 50/50 tournaments. This is where half the field ends with a win and half with a loss. This strategy can be a great one to help you reduce the variance that comes with NHL fantasy hockey betting.

CanSportsBetting wishes you all the best of luck!

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