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In-Play Betting CanadaIn-play betting or live betting is a term which refers to betting while a match is underway. This type of wagering is offered at top Canadian sportsbooks online. In play betting is not to be confused with in-game betting as live in-game betting odds often change during a commercial break or timeout, whereas in-play betting takes place while the game is happening.

So, what happens is that the sports bet Canada site will give you an opportunity to place bets on a number of different markets once the games kick-off. You can choose to wager on a specific market or combine all your wagers on different markets; e.g. in play cricket betting combined with live football betting in one bet slip. If you’re interested in further knowing how this type of betting works, then continue reading on our quick guide below.

We list the best in play betting sites for Canadians, walk you through how in play betting works and how to bet if you’re a beginner bettor. As a bonus, we also discuss the in-play betting software and provide you with the best in play betting strategy and tips to help you win.



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Live in play betting or in-running betting is the fastest-growing type of wagering online. This is because it allows bettors to engage with an event as it happens and not just before or after it’s over. You can place bets on a variety of markets including; American football, cricket, hockey, baseball, cycling, basketball, rugby, tennis, MMA, boxing, horse racing and a whole lot more.

Live In-Play Betting Sites Canada

In football for instance, bettors can wager on the overall match result, half time betting, next corner, next team to score, next goal scorer or many more markets. Whereas in tennis you can wager on over/under, correct score, game handicap, any set to nil, if there will be a tie break, the number of sets and also odd/even games amongst others.

The live wager on basketball differs a little as there are also overtime options, next points and winners & over/under.

Live in-play hockey also works similar to football where you get to bet on which team wins the rest of the match, draw no bet, handicaps (1×2) and double chance.


The odds for the in-play betting system change based on the current state of the game. You will see some odds also get locked when it’s the closing minutes or final rounds of the match, and sometimes when the outcome of the game is inescapable.

What can increase your chances of winning when live betting is to live stream the games with a bookmaker; William Hill and Betway in play betting services do offer live streaming on ongoing matches. You may initially back a certain player to win, only for them to have an injury just a couple of minutes into the game, and now that you would have seen that, in-running on a different player may help you negate from that and provide you with extra real cash based on the updated odds.


Learning how to live bet is fairly easy. You can do this via mobile sports betting apps or sites that we have on our list above. However, you will need to be very focused on both the odds and the game itself when placing such in-play bets. Sometimes the odds change after almost every play, depending on the market that you choose. It’s also important that you understand what each wager is for as in-play betting is fast-paced.

Best In Play Sports Betting Sites Canada

You will need to be logged into your sports betting account and have enough funds to place your wager. Alternatively, you can use your free bet. Some bookmakers such as Betway Sportsbook offer their customers free bets once weekly, depending on how much they had deposited in that week. There’s also a rebound boost bonus which helps you get back in action when on a losing streak.

Here are the easy steps to take when you want to wager on live sports:

  1. Sign up – you can open a sports betting account with one or more sportsbooks from our list.
  2. Deposit and claim your bonus – usually on your first deposit, the bookmaker will offer you a welcome bonus which you can use to bet on a specific event or any market depending on the terms.
  3. Go onto the live sports section on the site – usually, the live market has its own separate tab next to the ‘sports’ tab. There you will find all the on-going live markets.
  4. Choose your market and make your selections – you can wager on one or more games. If you wish you can combine different betting markets on a single bet slip to increase your odds and payout.
  5. Claim your winnings – should the outcome become successful, your winnings will be credited onto your sports betting account and you can then request a withdrawal. In parlay betting, you lose if one of the games in your multi-bet slip loses. Alternatively, you can request an early cash out for the games you’ve gotten correctly if you think the remainder of your other bets won’t go as projected.


According to recent research, betting in-play on the go via mobile devices is more popular than betting from desktops. This is because the in-play betting software allows you to carry your favorite betting site everywhere you go. You can wager from any corner via your smartphone, tablet, Mac or any other laptop. The software was created with the user in mind; hence bettors can choose whether to download an app onto their mobile or wager straight from the browser.


In-play betting is the new innovation as you bet on something that you can see happening. This gives you time to correct your bets by either betting again or requesting an early cash out without losing your entire bet, should a game not go as projected.  Also, it is very exciting as you get to live stream the whole match at top sports betting site. However, there are some things you need to consider when betting live.

The first thing would be to note that odds shorten or lengthen very quickly, meaning you have very little time to conclude your prediction and make a wager. Also remember that the higher the odds, the lower the chances of that team or player making it. But if they do, you get a lucrative payout.

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Another thing would be to avoid betting on many teams (when parlay betting) as this decreases your chances of winning. You can bet on ten teams so that your potential return comes close to a million, but then you get nothing when just one team doesn’t make it. But think of when you bet on two, five or eight teams and they make it, you sure won’t get a million dollars but you would have made something. We are not saying it’s impossible to wager on ten teams and win. It’s worth a risk if you’re not using money that you need and you’re familiar with the team.

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