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strategy for betting over/undersThis strategy for betting over/unders is for sports betting enthusiasts who want to win big betting their favorite sports. Over/unders, also referred to as totals, are wagers on the combined points scored by both teams in a game. This wager type is most popular among NFL and college football bettors, although it is also available on other sports such as soccer, rugby, tennis, basketball, MMA, hockey, and more. Hockey over/unders are claimed to be the easiest for handicapping and are said to be quite profitable. But is this true?

In this quick guide, we break down key factors which bettors need to consider when betting over/unders and provide you with a winning strategy whether betting NFL totals, NHL, soccer, or any sport. We also explain how totals really work in sports and how payouts are calculated. If this is what you’re looking for, explore some more with our quick guide below!



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Over/under wagers are one of the popular wagers along with spreads and money line betting. The concept for totals is quite easy despite the fact that they’re quite difficult to get right. Betting over/unders essentially means choosing how many total points will be scored in any sports game. The bookie will have already set a number and all you need to do is pick if the total score will be over or under the set margin. This wager type requires punters to have a little bit of knowledge about the teams and perception of how they think the game will play out.

Strategy for totals Canada


Betting over/unders in sport is quite easy. All you have to do is pick if the total score of a match will be over or under a certain set margin. Usually, these include overtime scores. Either way, the sportsbook will indicate if whether or not overtime is included.

For instance, the over/under lines for the Patriots and Cowboys is set at 48.5 points. You will get to select if the final score will be over 49 points or under 48 points. So say the game ended at 26-20, that would be 46 points meaning it went under.

Usually, bookies will set a betting line odds for totals at -110 if not smaller or greater. The decision lies with you on what you think the outcome will be. Below is a quick example of how your payout will be calculated still if both teams matchup with a total of 48.5.

Over -110

Under +105

So, what this means is that for the over value, you will need to wager C$110 in order to bag an extra C$100. Whereas for the under value, you will need to wager C$100 to win C$105.

Over/Under Push

A push in sports betting is basically when the totals bet that you make hits the exact number set by the sportsbook. So say, both teams were set at 48 points and the final score is 28-20. This would be considered a push and the bookie will refund your bet, regardless if you had wagered over or under. However, if the score was 48.5, it would be considered an under and you would be paid what’s due to you.


Over/under bets are one of the exciting wagers as they allow you to bet on the flow of a game regardless of who wins. This might seem quite simple but it really isn’t. In order to make well-informed wagers, you will need to consider certain factors in addition to your research. The key factors to consider in your strategy for betting over/unders includes the following:

  • Consider weather conditions – the weather has an impact on how a game plays out. Usually, teams find it a challenge to score when it’s raining or if there’s snow.
  • Check injuries – injuries can limit defence and offence.
  • Scoring trends – do these teams ever score? And if they do, how often? Check latest scores and standings.
  • Evaluate picks – what is the general public saying? What are the experts saying? Most importantly, what does your gut tell you?
  • Matchups – Good defence facing bad offence equals to low scoring. This is where you go with under wagers.

We hope our strategy helps, Goodluck! Remember to give us feedback on our Twitter account displayed top left!

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