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Latest NFL Computer Picks for CA Bettors

free NFL computer picks canadaNFL computer picks seem to be all the rage within Canadian sports betting communities these days. It is widely thought that football computer picks tend to win more often than those made by experts or the public at large. It is generally believed that this is true because NFL computer picks are not influenced by dumb personal beliefs a fan may have about their team or players on rival squads.

They don’t care that you are a Bears fan and think that Aaron Rodgers is trash. Rather, NFL computer picks algorithms look at the fact that Rodgers became a starter he has never had a passer rating lower than 90. It’s all stats and no personal conviction, which is what is often needed to make better bets.

If you would like to find out more about NFL computer picks, stick around because we are about to have a good look at these picks. In addition, we even provide some picks made by our own computer algorithm that are free to use at your own discretion when betting on the NFL. Afterwards, you can go on and try some of our selections and the best Canadian sports betting sites for NFL computer picks we have listed on this page.

Best NFL Computer Picks Services Canada

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What are NFL Computer Picks?

NFL computer picks are exactly what the name suggests – sports betting picks made by a computer. Basically, humans design an algorithm that takes a lot of different factors that may influence the outcome of the game (such as stats, weather and betting trends) and makes a prediction on the basis of this.

Best NFL computer picks Canada

Advantages of Computer Picks NFL

NFL computer game picks have steadily become a staple part of many Canadian bettors’ strategy due to the advantages associated with using them. Some of the most important benefits include the following:

  • NFL computer picks are not affected by bias. The computer algorithm used to make selections doesn’t care that you think Patrick Mahomes is overrated. It takes only cold, hard stats into consideration when making selections. Thus, as long as the stats are correct, the algorithm should have no problem selecting a theoretical winner.
  • Computer NFL pick algorithms do not make calculation errors. Sometimes, expert bettors forget to take certain factors into account or add the stats incorrectly. As long as you enter info correctly in a computer, it should make more accurate calculations than humans.

Disadvantages of NFL Computer Predictions

NFL computer predictions aren’t all rosy. There are some disadvantages associated with using them, with the following drawback being the most important to note:

  • Human unpredictability is something that computers cannot measure. So, even if on paper, the Patriots should beat the Tennessee Titans based on past performances, Ryan Tannehill having a good game or Tom Brady having a bad one cannot be calculated for.
  • Computer picks are only really as good as their algorithm. This means that if the creator is a bad bettor, the selections made by the algorithm are probably bad too.

Get the Best NFL Computer Picks Here

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