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Best Greyhound Racing Betting Sites

Greyhound Racing Betting Sites CanadaGreyhound betting or dog race wagering works similar to horse racing. However, the sport itself is considered inhumane and cruel and is therefore banned in several countries. It is however legal in countries such as Mexico, Australia, Ireland, Macau, Spain,  the UK, and in some states in the US. Surprisingly, it is also legal to race greyhounds in Canada but illegal to bet on them. But there is no legislation that indicates that you can’t wager on dog races at offshore sports betting sites.

With hundreds of greyhound races each day, fans can wager on which dog will come first on the track at the best sports betting sites. There are many greyhound betting offers, odds, and lines that you will come across, similar to those found in horse race betting. If you are interested in greyhound racing betting, we’ve got you sorted with our guide below!

New Greyhound Betting Sites 2020


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Online Greyhound Betting Explained

Online greyhound betting is as easy as wagering on any racing animals such as horses, ostrich, cows, kangaroos and buffalos. All you need to wager is to join a reputable greyhound betting site and claim generous greyhound betting bonus offers and odds. There are numerous dog race online betting sites which accept Canadian players such as 888 Sports, William Hill, Paddy Power, Bet365, and the rest that are on our list above. You can also wager on virtual greyhound racing if you wish, using desktop or mobile greyhound betting apps.

Dog Race Betting in Canada

Popular Dog Race Bet Types

There are different types of greyhound racing bets that you will find online. These include betting on the outright winner, forecast, and trifecta. Below we discuss the most popular bets for greyhound betting.

Single Bet

Simply betting on a greyhound to win or place in the race. Also, single wagers can be done either way, meaning that the race will still payout for the first two to three dogs to cross the line. Single bets are great for starters.

Multiple Bet

Works similar to accumulators in soccer betting. Here bettors combine odds of two or more events. This type of wager gives you an opportunity to win a lot of money for a small stake. But remember, if you lose one of your selections then you lose your entire bet.

Forecast Bet

Wagering on two greyhounds: first which one will win, and second which one will be the runner up. If you’re looking for a better return, you can also try the reverse forecast which is essentially betting on one greyhound to be first and the other second, whilst also betting the other to be second and the other is first.


This type of bet does not differ much from the forecast. So, tri is for three. Which means instead of betting on two places, you bet on the first, second, and third place. The odds for this type of wager are usually high and are recommended for expert bettors.

Quinella Box Bet

Also works similar to the forecast bet, you wager on two greyhounds but they can finish in either order.

Exacta Box Bet

The exacta box isn’t different from the quinella but it can also be a trifecta that can finish in any order.

Pick 3 & Pick 6

Pick three and six races are usually offered for the first races for the day. What happens here is that you bet on the winner of such races in a row. So, the pick three would mean picking the winner of all three consecutive races and six for six races. The payouts for these wagers are pretty massive.

In addition to the mentioned bets, you can also wager on daily specials such as the daily doubles and greyhound racing jackpots.

Best Greyhound Betting Odds

At the best Canadian greyhound betting sites, punters will come across highly competitive greyhound betting odds. Each race day you will find lines on the most popular and fast greyhounds. You can choose to wager live greyhound betting shows, futures, or virtual greyhounds among others.

How to Bet on Greyhound Racing Online

Betting on greyhound racing online is fairly easy. To get started you can simply follow these quick steps:

  1. Choose your favorite online greyhound betting site from our list.
  2. Make a deposit and claim your greyhound betting bonus offers.
  3. Choose the event you wish to wager on and your type of bet.
  4. Make your selections and submit.
  5. Withdraw your winnings if successful.
Online Greyhound Betting Sites Canada

How to Win Greyhound Betting – Best Greyhound Betting Tips Today

Greyhound betting online is fun and very rewarding if you do it right. Whether you are a novice or veteran player, we have some betting tips that we think are good to have up your sleeve when betting on dog races.

  • Shop for the best odds – we feature the best Canadian greyhound betting sites on our list. All you need to do is compare the lines each race day to see which bookie has the highest odds to leave you with some good cash. Sometimes we will feature a comparison on our blogs where you will see which bookie has the highest offers.
  • Study the form – always do some research on the forms of the dogs you wish to put your money on. It is normal for both dogs and bitches to be in or out of form.
  • Check the gender – there are certain differences that can affect how a dog performs. For instance, bitches are said to be a little harder to train due to going into season. When this happens the dog becomes removed from all race activity for at least 21 days. Whereas dogs are said to be reliable and perform better in short to mid-range races. The same goes for age.
  • Be in the “know” – keep yourself updated with the latest greyhound racing news as well as expert predictions to aid in your betting.
  • Set a budget – for any wagering, it’s important that you set a budget and not go over it. This assist in that you play responsibly and not end up spending the money you need.

Winning Greyhound Betting Strategy 2020

If you are looking for a way to win betting on dog racing today, then you need to develop a solid strategy. You can start by using your online gambling knowledge, understand the tracks, and use tested strategies. You can also try the popular greyhound racing betting system arbitrage as well as hedging your bets.

Watch Dog Racing Live

There are many ways to live stream dog racing. This means that besides visiting a greyhound racing track, you can actually watch dog racing live on the betting site which you have registered with. Alternatively, you can view them for free on your local sports channel with cable or subscribe to a paid streaming service. You can check out our live streaming guide for more.

Greyhound Racing FAQs

What is a Greyhound?

A greyhound, also known as a sighthound, is a breed of a dog that hunts by sight and speed instead of scent. These dogs are usually bred for greyhound racing in the racing industry. But this doesn’t mean you can’t have it as a pet.

Is greyhound racing legal in Canada?

Greyhound racing is legal in Canada. However, betting on greyhound races is not permitted in the country. You can only bet on dog races at offshore sportsbooks online.

How long is a greyhound track?

The length of a greyhound track usually depends on the venue. We are not sure how big the Calida Greyhound Racing Track in Alberta and others are. But most greyhound tracks in America are one-fourth of a mile, 440 yards. Some raceways in other countries range between 230 to 1,200 yards.

When did greyhound racing start?

It started in 1919.

Can you bet on greyhounds online in Canada?

Yes, you can. The most popular greyhound betting sites are as follows:

  1. 888 Sport
  2. Bet365
  3. William Hill

How do you win dog racing betting?

You can win dog racing betting by trying out strategies and keeping yourself updated with the latest news. It is also important that you watch races or bet with smaller stakes often to get a hang of it.

Should greyhound racing be banned?

There are many organisations developed to stop greyhound racing as it is deemed a cruel activity. But the decision lies with the citizens of a country and the state if it should be banned or not. Also, remember that the treatment of greyhounds also depends on where they are bred. Besides racing, these dogs also play, cuddle, sleep, and do other exciting activities. Dogs love to run but should not be forced to do so.

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