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canada esports betting siteseSports are essentially electronic games as we know them. Their history stretches to as far as the ‘70s with computer games. However, today the games have seen a great evolution and are now based on a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). eSports have a huge fan-base globally including in CA. Popular eSports streaming sites receive millions of viewers per day.  Hence, top sports gambling sites operate eSports. Betting on eSports work the same way as other real betting sports such as football, hockey, soccer and so on.

In this guide, our experts discuss everything you need to know on eSports betting. Here you will learn how to bet on eSports, find the best bookies or esports betting app with great odds and learn all about the eSports betting markets. Start learning below!


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eSports is playing video games competitively, but instead of you playing, the best online sportsbook lets you bet on eSports games. You don’t have to worry about breaking any law because eSPorts is completely legal in Canada.
Every eSport betting game is played differently. In most cases, you will find that eSports games are divided into sections referred to as maps.  Bettors usually earn 1 point for a winning map, and the team that wins the most points wins the game. You can choose to bet in different online betting markets including the overall match result, point spreads and also live-in-play.

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Below we discuss the various betting markets associated with eSports:

Match Result/Outright Winner – here you essentially bet on the winner of a given eSports match between two or more individuals or teams. You can also bet on a draw, top 3/10 finishes, the tournament’s most valuable players and region the winner comes from.

Map Betting – this is the most popular wager in eSports betting. This type of wager allows you to bet on the winner of the map, which is basically the player with most points. There are different types of map bets available depending on a game. For instance, on battle games, you can bet on the ‘first to 10 kills ‘, ‘next to kill’, ‘total kills’ or even the ‘first to draw blood’.  Meanwhile, on action-adventure games, you can bet on bets such as ‘most buildings destroyed’ and so on.

Correct Score – Predicting the score in an entire eSports series.

Fantasy eSports – this type of bet presents unique betting options to eSports bettors. For instance, on FIFA eWorld Cup, you can place bets as you would in a real match or FIFA tournament in the real world.

Other bet types on eSports include; individual team bets, handicaps, over/under bets, accumulators and specials.


The match result usually has the highest value odds as most eSports betting sites compete for these lines. You can always compare bookies to see which one offers the best eSports odds to give you great profit when betting on eSports online.

Start betting on eSports at our highly recommended sportsbooks today!

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