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fantasy golf CanadaIf there’s a game for everyone, then it has to be fantasy golf. Betting on the sport is increasingly becoming popular, although it is not as popular as other fantasy sports such as fantasy football or basketball. Fantasy sports betting on golf is enjoyed by many punters, and once you’re in, you will never get enough of the sport. Hence, the best sportsbooks offer golf betting.

Are you a fan of Tiger Woods, or would you like to bet on the PGA tour on a fantasy contest? Then look no further because we’ve got you covered. Read all you need to know about fantasy golf betting and find top Canadian sports betting sites with the best odds for fantasy golf betting.



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Fantasy golf is one of the easiest fantasy sports to bet on given its nature of scoring. The basics are not any different from other fantasy sports.  What you need to do is draft a winning roster of golf players and score points based on their real-life performance. To be successful, you will need most of your chosen players to make the cut. More so, it’s good to note that some sportsbooks may charge you an entry fee to enter a fantasy golf contest whether daily fantasy golf betting or season-long tournaments. But at the best Canadian fantasy golf site such as the ones listed above, you won’t have to worry about such. However, where an entrance fee is required, you will be offered the best prize games.


There are two major golf events which Canadian players can bet on. Those are the popular PGA Golf Fantasy Tournament and the LPGA Golf Fantasy Sports.

PGA Fantasy Golf – The most popular golf tournament. The PGA tournament offers Canadian players a thrilling weekly action and is one of the easiest fantasy golf tournaments to bet on. During the PGA season, CA punters can draft squads to compete in the Masters, US & British Open and also the PGA Championship Grand slam.

LPGA Fantasy Golf – One that’s rising in popularity. This type of fantasy golf betting also offers thrilling actions action of weekly fantasy and online golf wagering.

Moreover, fantasy golf betting offers players hours of entertainment and requires very little research.


Below are tips and tricks to help you create a solid all-round team when partaking in fantasy golf betting.

  • Check past events/course fit – It is always a wise idea to compare the history of events in golf. This will help you know which courses favour which golfers. You will generally have a good idea of the level of confidence a golfer has headed into the week when you know how they have done on a certain event or course in particular.
  • Check for player injuries – A player who’s in good form is likely to deliver the best performance. So, checking this is arguably as important as our previous point. You can do this by simply checking their profiles or reading the news. A better strategy is to look at how well they’ve been performing in the past five events.
  • Research the course – always familiarise yourself with the golf courses; research the length and width of the course, green size and potential hazards. This will assist you to select a type of golfer which you will need to target for such an event and which players to avoid.
  • Follow stats – In addition to the previous point, also check player statistics. This will help you decide which player is good at ball striking (most likely to make the cut on a specific course) their driving distance, strokes, scrambling and scoring.


Joining a fantasy golf betting site is quick and easy. Simply follow the quick and easy steps below to start betting today:

  1. Register for free – choose and sign-up for free at a sportsbook of your choice from our highly recommended list.
  2. Deposit – fund your online betting account using any option provided by the sportsbook.
  3. Choose a contest – simply pick which fantasy golf content or event you would like to bet on.
  4. Draft your team – use our tips below to draft the best fantasy golf team.
  5. Watch games – you can stream golf games live on your chosen sportsbook.
  6. Win real money – enjoy your real money winnings when your draft team performs successfully!

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