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Betting on boxing online is something that’s very common. Boxing betting is as old and popular as horse race betting. Canadians just love to bet on McGregor vs Mayweather and other matches at sportsbooks with the best fight odds. If you love boxing or wish to learn how boxing betting works, the odds and where to bet, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this sports gambling Canada guide, you will find bookmakers with not only the best Mayweather odds but the best UFC boxing odds all round. Learn how to bet on fight matches and find the best boxing tips and sites below!


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Boxing betting works in a quite simple manner. What you essentially do is place bets in advance or closer to the fight when sportsbooks are competing the most. Gamblers can start betting on a fight at an online bookie as soon as a boxing match is announced. Sometimes, a fight may be announced a year in advance at a sportsbook giving players more time to decide and make wiser bets. Just like in other sports the outright market offers Canadian players the best value of their money. More so, it is wise to wager closer to the match as fight odds change; they can either be more or less profitable. Usually, sportsbooks feature proposition wagers on; knockouts, draws, rounds and fight duration.

boxing betting CA


In boxing betting, odds are shown using a money line.  That’s odds for a game based on C$1.00. Like any other sports, a “minus” (-) preceding the number indicates a favorite meanwhile the underdog is represented by a ‘plus” (+) preceding the number. Odds vary on each fight.

For instance, a sportsbook may have the following fight odds:

Floyd Mayweather: -260

Conor McGregor: +220

So, here Mayweather is favored to win the bout. If successful, a C$260 wager wins C$100 and returns C$360 including your initial stake. But if McGregor wins then a C$100 wager would win $220 and return C$320.

Players get refunded their bet money if there’s a tie on a straight wager.


Below is a standard formula of calculating online betting odds and potential returns on a wager.

  • Minus numbers/favorite: Wager/odds x 100 = your potential winnings.
  • Plus numbers/underdogs: (Wager x odds) / 100 = your potential winnings.


The best boxing betting site offers bettors promotions for placing round wagers. Essentially, round betting allows players to bet on which round their potential boxer will win and/or how this will happen. You can choose to bet that Mayweather will win the third round by knockout.


Over the last two decades, betting on professional sports was coupled with newer forms of fighting. The most popular fight tournament is the Ultimate Fighting Championship, UFC in short, which does not only involve boxing but also other mixed martial arts (MMA) tournaments. But the rules of boxing remain the same. Below are the standard rules associated with boxing matches.

  • Boxing matches consist of 12 rounds.
  • Each fight lasts for a maximum of three minutes.
  • Games scores involve three scorers.
  • A boxer can win a fight by a knockout or technical knockout.
  • The match can be ended by ‘throwing in the towel’ – that is if the boxer’s team feels that their fighter is knocked out or unable to continue with the fight.

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