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Proline Betting CanadaProline betting, also known as Mise-O-Jeu and Oddset, falls under a group of games under the Sport Select betting platform offered by the provincial governments in Canada.  Many bettors kick start their sports betting journey through this platform, and some because they believe that it is the only legal way to bet on sports. But that’s not true. Canadian bettors can get much value for their money with highly competitive odds on a wider range of sports betting markets at the best sports betting sites in Canada.

Proline betting has been available at local retail shops across Canada from as far as 1992-93, and has been accessible through the internet since 2000. If you’re looking for more on the proline Canada betting system, then you’ve come to the right place. Here we provide you with valuable information on proline sports betting; from the rules, how to bet, the types of sports available, odds and the best proline betting strategies and tips to win. Get started below!


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Proline or Pro-Line, is the most popular Sport Select game where bettors bet on the outcome of anywhere from two (Atlantic and BC) and three (Ontario, Quebec and Western Canada) to six games offered by the lottery corporation. This type of betting only allows you to bet parlays as betting on a single sporting event is illegal in Canada. More so, the rules also differ for each province. Not to mention how the system alone has confusing tie rules when it comes to grading your wagers.

In general, the maximum amount that punters can put down on a proline ticket is $100 and if your winnings exceed $300 you will need to mail it to the OLGC in order to receive your payout. The proline betting system is also quite limited as you can’t bet on a number of events such as UFC, MMA, World Junior Hockey Championships and others.

How to Play Proline Games Canada


Proline wagers are offered in two ways. Either you buy a ticket at a local kiosk or wager online. These types of wagers allow you to choose from only two to six events you wish to bet on depending on your province. The most popular sports to wager on include; NHL, NFL, CFL, MLB and NBA. Thereafter, you will mark your predictions for each event using the five proline options:

  • V+ – away team will win by 2 or more goals, runs or points depending on the sport.
  • V – away team wins by 1 or more goals (NHL) wins by 1 or more runs (MLB), wins by 4 or more points (NFL), wins by 6 or more points (NBA).
  • T –  the game is decided in a shootout (NHL), by 1 run (MLB) or 3 or fewer points (NFL, CFL) 5 or fewer points (NBA).
  • H – away team wins by 1 or more goals (NHL), 1 or more runs (MLB), wins by 4 or more points (NFL, CFL), 6 or more points (NBA).
  • H+– home team wins by 2 or more goals (NHL), 2 or more runs (MLB), 8 or more points (NFL, CFL) 11 or more points (NBA).

After you’ve made your selections, you can then go on and choose the amount your wish to wager, wait for the outcome and collect your winnings.



The NFL proline uses similar rules to CFL proline wagers. Any game which is decided by three or less points is officially declared a tie. In addition to this, the overtime also counts towards the final score. Given that you’ve picked a time for a certain game, if it goes to overtime and one of the teams wins by a touchdown, you lose your wager.


The NHL Proline declares a tie after regulation time and overtime in any regular-season game. This excludes shootouts. Also, any games that go overtime during the playoffs are declared a tie.


A tie is considered when any proline basketball game is decided by five points or less. Just as with NFL wagers, the overtime counts towards the final score.


A game that ends with a one-run differential on the MLB proline is declared a tie. The final score will also include the extra innings.


Proline betting does not have good odds, instead the odds are against are worse. No professional bettor would even consider using this type of betting. The payout odds for proline betting are significantly lower than an online sports betting site. The payout is usually 20 to 30% less than what you would get at an online sportsbook.

What’s worse is that the proline betting system does not offer odds on some sports betting markets and the lines are quite limited. Online bookies offer a wider range of betting lines and highly competitive odds prices, not to mention the best bonuses.

You will find not only parlays but straight wagers, teasers, props and more. You will also be able to combine wagers across spreads, money lines and totals on your favorite games.

Proline app Canada


Our highly recommended Canadian sportsbooks online created their sites with the user in mind. The websites are mobile compatible, meaning you can gamble on the go using your smartphone or tablet.

This is unlike the proline features that took years to evolve. The proline alone only went online in the year 2000, and some wager types were only introduced sometime after. You can bet on the proline wagers via the portal.


There are no best proline picks. Online proline betting is simply designed to make you lose money. The odds are not fair, topped off by the fact that you can’t bet on all the markets like you would at offshore betting sites. If you check on our site, you will find the best daily picks on your favorite sport and the available odds at different bookies.


If you’re interested in learning how to win proline every time, even if for an average payout, then we have a few proline betting tips to get you winning and they are as follows:

  • Keep your parlays as small as possible. The more parlays you bet the more chances of losing. Remember that when one team loses, you lose your entire wager.
  • Familiarise yourself with the tie rules as they’re a lit bit tricky and confusing.
  • Only wager when you believe you have an edge.

Don’t forget to try out our highly recommended sportsbooks for a much better sports gambling experience!

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