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sports consensus picks CanadaConsensus picks in sport refers to the percentage of bettors on each side of a game. A consensus is a great tool for bettors as it helps you make your sports betting picks based on what other bettors are betting on. You can use a consensus to bet with or against the public on your favorite sports including; NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, soccer and horse racing picks, to name a few. Sports consensus picks essentially give bettors insight on what’s going on in sports betting in Canada as well as at world bookies. With the information, you get to see what teams are getting the most bets and also if other punters are wagering on the online sportsbook favorite or the underdog.

In this guide, our experts walk you through everything you need to know about consensus picks, how they work and help you find top sports picks for Canadians. You also get to learn what a wagerline consensus is and if you should go with or against the public. Start learning with our quick guide below!

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The public consensus is expressed as a percentage which allows you to see how the general is betting on a particular match. As mentioned earlier, it can be on any sport including; hockey, football, basketball, soccer, baseball, horse racing and more. You can use a sports consensus as a tool to see what team bettors are putting their money on and decide if you want to go with or without them.

Public consensus also does influence line movements at a sportsbook. For instance, a football match can start with TEAM A having -5 when the line opens and then close with -6. This is because the oddsmaker may have changed the lines because most of the public percentage is betting on TEAM B. But please remember that not all line movement decisions made by the bookie are based on what the public does or doesn’t do.


Free Consensus Picks Canada

Example of NBA Consensus Picks



Most people like to ask “what is a wagerline consensus?” or “what is the wagerline top 10% consensus?”. Well, a wagerline consensus works the same way as the above mentioned. However, when you say “top 10%” then you will be referring to only picks from the 10% of the players on the leaderboard.


Below are the most popular consensus picks among Canadian players, and we give you a quick brief on each one of them.


Major League Baseball is one of the exciting sports to wager on. However, it is essential that you know how the public is wagering on different matchups. This will assist you in making well-versed bets. With MLB consensus picks, you will see which teams have a higher percentage of the public wagering on them. More so, using the best handicapping methods and strategies can aid you in making smart wagers.


The National Football League is one of the most-watched sports in Canada. As you may have guessed already, it is also one of the popular sport among Canadian bettors. Considering this, you will get many opinions on who will win. But, the final decision lies with you – whether you want to bet with or against the public. For your convenience, our experts have compiled a betting against the public strategy on our NFL football page to help you know what influences public opinion and decisions in sports.


Canadian bettors have access to public consensus data for every NBA match. You will find NBA consensus picks for moneylines, betting against the spread and also over/under bets. More so, considering that the NBA is quite popular and one of the most followed sports, you will also get plenty of betting tips on the sport.


Hockey is Canada’s national winter sport, so obviously there will be a lot of people – if not everyone – talking about it. Therefore, you will find quite a lot of NHL consensus data available on the internet to help you make your picks for NHL hockey games.


Consensus picks are great as they help bettors get an insight on who the public thinks will win. But, is the public always right?! Obviously, not. Otherwise, the whole world would be filthy rich betting on sports. That’s why we advise you not to solely rely on consensus picks but combine that information with a little bit of research, betting strategies and also recommend that you trust your gut. If you check the ‘fading the public’ strategy that we mention above, you will see that there are factors that influence public opinion on sports.

Also, people are only human. One may say Team A will win because Team A is their local team or say it will win simply because they don’t like Team B. So, remember, the decision always lies with you. Use your own opinion and make your final prediction!

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