Betting against the public, also referred to as ‘fading the public’, is one of the most popular strategies used for betting football. If used correctly, the betting strategy can help you win big. What betting against the public is, is simply fading public opinion; that is betting against what majority of people think will happen in a football event or match. Sometimes, people make uniformed bets because of the hype created by casual, uninformed sports fans and the media. In this guide, we discuss how you can fade public opinion and use this top strategy to make a profit when betting on NFL.

betting against the public strategy


There are many factors which can shape public opinion when it comes to NFL football games and not all of them are based on facts. Below are the top 5 common factors associated with how people think a match will pan out and this is how most bettors lose some of their wagers:

  • Home advantage – this is one of the biggest factors which influences public opinion. Although it is true that playing at home is a big advantage, it doesn’t always mean that when a team is playing home it will win all the time. Hence, it’s good to always do your research and check recent statistics and standings of teams competing to see which is team is stronger and has a chance of winning.
  • Media Influence – the media also has tendencies of hyping certain football teams than others. Don’t be like everyone else and get carried away by media narrative.
  • Star Players – Star players do have a big influence when it comes to the outcome of an NFL football game, but sometimes that can be distorted. Star players are human after all. It’s wise to check how your favourite player has been doing in recent matches and also check for injuries among other factors.
  • Team Reputation – don’t just bet on a team because it’s famous. Yes, it may be popular for a reason but that doesn’t guarantee that they will win all the games.
  • Point Reading – most bettors tend to look at score sheets and want to only bet on either a home win or away win, disregarding that teams draw.

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Betting against the public is a pretty good strategy to use when betting on NFL games. The public loves betting on favorites and overs. Why? Because they always have bigger odds promising huge payouts. In most cases, the favorite is the least strong team having less possibility of winning, and that’s how you easily lose your bets. When betting on NFL football games, do some research, check stats, acquire as much information and follow your gut – see how it pans out.