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Moneyline vs Point Spread BettingThe moneyline and point spreads are the most popular wagers among bettors. Some new Canadian punters even tend to go for the moneyline when betting on the NHL, although they’re not sure how this type of bet really works. The point spread, however, appeals mostly to people betting on the NFL and the NBA.  But a quick glimpse on both: the moneyline is a basic way to wager on who will win a specific game. Whereas point spreads tend to be a little bit advanced and the cost is always relatively constant.

In this guide, our sports betting experts will help you understand moneylines vs point spreads. You will get to know how they differ and which wager type is perfect for you. In addition to that, you will be provided with examples to also assist you in projecting what your potential return on a wager will be. Get started with our quick guide below!


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The moneyline bet is one of the simplest wagers available, hence a lot of new punters prefer it the most. With the moneyline, you’re essentially wagering on who will win the game. More so, when you bet on the favorite it’s a lot easier on the moneyline compared to the point spread as point spreads require the favorite not to just win but win with a certain amount of points. The favorite however doesn’t offer much value on the moneyline especially if a team is an obvious favorite. For example, odds on TEAM A would be -250 or more. This means players would have to bet C$250 to profit an extra C$100. In such cases you might want to consider the spread especially if you’re confident enough that TEAM A will win. There might be greater value if the team wins by 3.5 or more points. Also, when you wager on the underdog on the moneyline, they have to win, whereas on the point spread, the underdog can lose and still cover the spread.

Moneyline and Point Spread Betting Canada


The point spread is another wager type popular to sports enthusiasts. Like we’ve hinted above, point spreads require bettors to predict the outcome of a game but also trying to guess what the score will be. The cost for point spreads is always constant. What you do is essentially bet if the projected total will be higher or lower. For instance, the point spread will for the favorite, have negative points such as -2.5, meaning that TEAM A has to win by three or more points. Whereas the underdog, presented by positive odds e.g. +2.5, means they have to lose by less than three points for your bet to win.

Most bettors prefer relying on expert picks and tips when wagering on point spreads. Another smart move is to do a little bit of research before you place a point spread. Check, does the team even score? If yes, with how many points do they often score? Do they score better than the other team? You can simply do this by checking latest stats and scores. Also check current standings.


Both the moneyline and point spreads are very good wagers. However, they both have their advantages and downsides – well, like everything else. Point spreads provide more value on both the favorite and underdog, whereas the moneyline provides value on the underdog. For instance, say the Cowboys are -300 favorite to beat the Jets at +250. This means, if you’re sure that the Jets will win, you could wager C$100 and get an extra C$250 profit.

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