Betting on the underdog is a handicapping system and strategy used in sports betting. When you bet on the underdog, you have two ways to produce a winning bet. Bettors can either win by covering the spread or win the game outright. Whereas, favorites have two ways to lose and only one way to win. Underdog betting is not as easy as it seems. Hence our experts have compiled a betting on home underdogs guide to help you make a profit. Read on to start learning below!

betting on the underdogs


In sports betting, the underdog is a team or individual expected to lose a match based on the money line or point spread. It could be a loser of a fight, race or football game. The underdog is suggested by odds at a sportsbook. Usually, underdogs are indicated by a plus (+) sign and a number next to it. Say for instance in an NFL game, the Patriots are the underdog at (+2.5) and Seahawks as the favorites at (-2.5) – that means your bet on the Patriot becomes successful if the team wins outright or only lose the game by one or two points. You wager loses if the team loses by three.


Betting on home underdogs is essentially betting on the success of a home team whose odds suggest they are least likely to win a match. However, home underdog trends change season to season. A lot of bettors tend to place wagers on away favorites than underdogs playing at home. But, we tell you what; home teams win a lot – in all sports. Which means home underdogs win too, although in most cases they cover towards the end of the match. So, this is something you really need to think about before placing your wager.


Betting on the home underdog requires a lot of research on teams. You need to know things such as the strength of the team, statistics and current standings among others. Also, you need to identify other factors which may have an impact on the match, for instance just because a team is playing at home doesn’t mean they will always have a large fan-base or win all the time. For instance, a local team may compete with a well-known international team with a huge local fan base, which could have an impact on the performance of the international team. Remember, home teams don’t win or cover all the time. Always check rivalries before you can place your bet.

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