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NHL Western Conference Betting Sites CanadaThe NHL Western Conference is the conference in the National Hockey League that focuses on the teams deemed to be located in the western area of both Canada and the United States. The conference is then further divided into the Pacific and Central divisions. The Pacific division is comprised of eight teams located close to the Pacific Ocean, whereas the seven teams in the Central division are located more inland.

Overall, the NHL Western Conference provides Canadian bettors with ample opportunity to bet on more hockey games. Whether you want to place a simple puck line on tonight’s game or predict which will be the lucky team to raise the Clarence S. Campbell Bowl, you can do it all at the best Canadian sports betting sites. Below we go through all CA bettors need to know about betting on the NHL Western Conference online. This includes the available betting lines and even some betting tips. So, read on and begin wagering on your favorite teams today!


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Although some Canadian bettors may already be familiar with the betting options available in the NHL Western Conference, there may be some inexperienced gamblers out there. If you are one such better, we go through some of the most popular NHL Western Conference bets down below:

  • Moneylines – these are some of the most popular bets available in sports in general. These are bets placed on a team to win a match.
  • Futures – these are bets placed on a team to win the Clarence S. Campbell Bowl. Canadian bettors can place it at any time of the season. The earlier you place the bet in the season, the higher the odds. These bets payout a lot but are very hard to get right.
  • Totals – these are bets placed on the total number of goals that will be scored in the match. Bettors wager on whether it will be higher or lower than a certain number.
  • Puck Lines – these are the point spreads of hockey. The sports betting site declares one team a favorite and another the underdog and the book sets a line they feel the favorite is going to win by. They then bet on whether the favorite or underdog will beat the puck line.
  • Props – these are not result-based bets but rather best placed on specific occurrences taking place in the game. For example, CA bettors could potentially bet on which team will score first.
NHL Western Conference Teams


Central Division

Pacific Division


If you are looking for some good tips to begin betting on the NHL Western Conference, make sure to have a look at some of our suggestions for CA gamblers down below:

  • Focus on Starting Goaltenders – remember that a good goaltender is instrumental to a team’s success. While they are not the only ingredient in creating a winning team, it is important to know that a bad goaltender may result in a team needing to retaliate for every goal they let through. As a general, goaltenders with lower goals-against average are a better bet.
  • Look for Value Bets – sometimes sports betting sites may undervalue a team if they have hit some bad form, or even did terribly in their last game. It is always important for good bettors to try and find value bets as this is where they will make the most money. We recommend looking for some home underdogs on a regular basis.
  • Analyze Post-Game Stats – if you are a beginner bettor, having a look at how teams fared against your predictions statistically may prove instrumental in helping you craft a better wagering strategy.


At the time of writing, here are the latest future odds to win the NHL Western Conference. They are subject to change, so make sure to have a look at our top-rated hockey betting sites to find out the best and most recent deals:

Colorado Avalanche+600
St Louis Blues+700
Vegas Golden Knights+700
Dallas Stars+800
San Jose Sharks+800
Arizona Coyotes+1000
Edmonton Oilers+1000
Minnesota Wild+1000
Nashville Predators+1000
Calgary Flames+1400
Winnipeg Jets+1400
Vancouver Canucks+2000
Chicago Blackhawks+2500
Anaheim Ducks+8000
Los Angeles Kings+12500


Formerly known as the Clarence Campbell Conference, the NHL Western Conference was first established in 1974 during a league re-alignment. The re-alignment saw the league divided into two conferences, each featuring two divisions. As is often is the case with re-alignments, the reason was due to the terrible geographical of teams which resulted in long travel times.

In 1981, the conference was restructured once again, and a third time in 1993, which saw it turn into what it looks like now. It was in the 1993 alignment that the Western Conference was also renamed the Western Conference from the Clarence S. Campbell Bowl (although the league’s championship did maintain the name.) The divisions were also renamed to their geographical locations from Patrick and Smythe divisions. The conference has retained this format ever since.

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