The money line in NHL is a type wager where Canadian bettors predict which player, or team, will win a hockey match or competition. It is one of the most popular bet types for ice hockey. NHL money lines are the easiest kind of bets which you can make at an online betting site. Below we discuss how money line betting works in hockey.

hockey money line betting


NHL money line bets work quite simple and straight forward as with other sports. As already mentioned, NHL money lines allow you to wager on the player or team that you think will win a hockey game or tournament such as the NHL Playoffs or the NHL Stanley Cup. This wager consists of no spreads. Furthermore, the odds for this wager type also differ from one sportsbook to another depending on how the teams match up.

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Calculating NHL money lines is easy. Usually, the NHL money line hockey site will have decimal odds set. The odds for a sportsbook favorite are represented by a (-) symbol, whereas the underdog is represented with a (+). For instance, a bookmaker may have the following hockey money line odds:

Boston Bruins +130

Montreal Canadiens -150

If you bet on the favorite, which in this case, are the Montreal Canadiens, you’d have to bet C$150 to win C$100. Whereas, if you bet on the underdog, the Bruins, you would have to bet C$100 to win C$130.

The favourite has a lower payout to the underdog because in most cases, they are the strongest team with great winning potential.


The NHL money line is a popular bet for many reasons. It is very easy to understand and win. This betting option is also offered by all Canadian sportsbooks. But, obviously, only the best NHL money line sportsbook, such as those on our list, offer the best odds on NHL money lines. So, why not try betting on NHL money lines at our highly recommended bookies online?!

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