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tampa bay lightning nhl team logoThe Tampa Bay Lightning are a professional hockey team playing in the National Hockey League (NHL). The Lightning are part of the Atlantic Division in the Eastern Conference. After the NHL announced in the 1980s that it was expanding, the Tampa Bay Lightning was established in 1992 after two rival groups from the Tampa Bay area in Florida decided to bid for a franchise.

The Lightning are quite a good NHL team and have been holding their own. They’ve managed to hold on to the second spot in their division. In fact, some sportsbooks have them at number three in terms of their odds of winning the Stanley Cup, the NHL’s championship trophy.

Throughout their existence, the Tampa Bay Lightning haven’t been the worst team in the league. They’ve made Division Champions four times, Conference Champions twice and won the Presidents’ Trophy and the Stanley Cup once. Currently, they’ve managed to secure themselves a spot in the Wild Card playoffs in the Atlantic Division.

Tampa Bay is affectionately known as the Bolts by NHL betting fans. They call the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida their home ice and are cheered on by ThunderBug, a yellow anthropomorphic bug. The team uniform has a lightning bolt logo, while their primary colors are Tampa Bay blue and white.

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Betting on the Tampa Bay Lightning

Betting on the Tampa Bay Lightning is a good bet to go if you’re looking at their divisional performances. Their performance in the playoffs isn’t all that bad, recording a 14-10 record since 1992. Tampa Bay Lighting standings for the 2019-20 season are also pretty good. However, even though they’re second in their division, anything can happen in the Wild Card round.

To bet on Tampa Bay, look for Lightning NHL games at your favorite Canadian sports betting sites. There are some great odds and betting lines on the Tampa Bay Lightning.

tampa bay lightning nhl team

Popular Tampa Bay Lightning Lines

CA bettors have a variety of Tampa Bay Lightning lines they can bet on. Canadian sportsbooks offering NHL betting Tampa Bay Lightning lines can wager on any of the following:

  • NHL Vegas betting lines
  • Live betting
  • Pre-match odds for individual games
  • Futures on Tampa Bay Lightning Stanley Cup odds
  • Futures on Dallas Stars players winning awards

Tampa Bay Lightning Stats

In order to make better wagers, the more you know about the team you’re betting on, the better. Furthermore, our sports betting experts recommend keeping up to date with Tampa Bay Lightning news like player performance, injuries, the Tampa Bay Lightning roster, among other things. Let’s look at some key Tampa Bay Lightning stats.

  • Tampa Bay is currently 2nd in the Atlantic Division, and 5th in the Eastern Conference and NHL.
  • They’ve played 49 games and their record stands at 29-15-5.
  • The Lightning seems to have a better home record (15-7-2) than an away record (14-8-3).

Odds to Win Stanley Cup

Tampa has had a consistent season so far. Looking at the odds at one of our top CA sportsbook – Intertops – they say the odds of the Lightning taking the Stanley Cup at +800, which is third on the list.

Intertops have set the odds of Tampa winning the Eastern Conference at +500, which is also third on their list. While the odds of them winning the Atlantic Division are +185 which places them second in the sportsbook.

Performance History of the Tampa Bay Lightning

Since the Tampa Bay Lightning debuted in the 1992-93 season, they have won the division title four times in 2002-03, 2003-04, 2017-18, and 2018-19. They’ve taken the Conference Championship twice in 2003-04 and 2014-15, and the Stanley Cup in the 2003-04 season. Additionally, Tampa has won the Presidents’ Trophy once in 2018-19.

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