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Best NHL metropolitan division oddsThe Metropolitan Division of the NHL is one of the newest, having been formed in 2013. It falls under the Eastern Conference, which was created as a successor to the Atlantic division because of league realignment. The Metropolitan division is the only division in the national hockey League without a Canadian team. Although Canada is the home of ice hockey, the rivalry in this division makes it an exciting section of the NHL to bet on.

Betting on Metropolitan NHL fixtures does not have to be a shot in the dark. We have created a simple betting guide for the Metropolitan division, including tips and records of the various teams that fall under this division to help our Canadian gamblers to place informed beds on the Metropolitan fixtures. Additionally, we have listed the online sports betting sites in Canada with top aides and NHL lines for the Metropolitan Division.

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NHL Metropolitan Division Teams

The Metropolitan division is home to eight formidable NHL betting teams. They host some of the most intense rivalries in the whole NHL. The eight teams that fall under the Eastern conference in the Metropolitan division are namely:

  • Washington Capitals
  • New York Rangers
  • New York Islanders
  • Carolina Hurricanes
  • Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Philadelphia Flyers
  • New Jersey Devils
  • Columbus Blue Jackets
NHL Metropolitan Division Teams

NHL Metropolitan Division Betting Tips

Although the Metropolitan division is relatively new in comparison to all other divisions in the NHL, you can use the information from the standings and previous records to make better beating decisions. As with any other sport to bet well, you need to be familiar with how the game is played and the different relationships that the team has with other teams. For instance, although these terms are equally competing against each other, there are other times where the rivalries are more intense, and therefore stakes are higher for each of those games. For example, the Flyers and the Penguins have one of the most intense rivalries in the Metropolitan Division, and matches between these two teams have even been termed the Battle of Pennsylvania. This nickname based on the fact that the state of Pennsylvania hosts both sides.

So, it is essential to remember that when betting on the Metropolitan Division, take note of which teams have more intense rivalries between each other.

After that, take note of how those teams with the rivalries have played in the previous years when they have been pitted against each other.

Betting Strategy for the NHL Metropolitan

We have already previously mentioned the Philadelphia Flyers and Pittsburgh Penguins have their own rivalry. As do the New Jersey Devils and the New York Rangers. Washington capitals and the Pittsburgh penguins also have a rivalry of their own. Other notable rivalries within the Metropolitan division are islanders and ranger’s rivalry, capitals and rangers’ flyers and rangers’ capitals and Flyers, as well as the devils and flyers.

It seems the two teams that seem not to have an intense rivalry with other teams are the Carolina Hurricanes and Columbus Blue Jackets. That should not be taken to mean that these terms are not formidable opponents. Rivalries are not always based on skill, and as we mentioned earlier, the competition between teams like the Philadelphia Flyers and the Pittsburgh Penguins are based purely on geography. Both sides hail from the same state, and they were introduced to the NHL at the same time. Therefore, they had to compete for a spot in the Division and fan support at the same time.

Eastern Metropolitan Division Performance Stats

Although the Metropolitan division is the one division with a without a Canadian team it is home to teams with some of the most competitive spectators. Therefore, it will make for some exciting betting lines. Especially when you bet for or against the public in this division. Other important factors to note when placing bets on any fixtures in the Metropolitan division in previous championships and records.

Teams don’t always perform the same on a divisional level and at Stanley cup level. Some teams do better in the division and go onto flop in the Stanley cup playoffs. The opposite is also true sometimes will do well on a bigger stage and fail to perform as well in the Division. Below we have listed the top 3 performing sides in the division along with teams that went on to lift the President’s Trophy and the Stanley Cup.

2013–14Pittsburgh (109)NY Rangers (96)Philadelphia (94)
2014–15NY Rangers (113)Washington (101)NY Islanders (101)
2015–16Washington (120)Pittsburgh (104)NY Rangers (101)
2016–17Washington (118)Pittsburgh (111)Columbus (108)
2017–18Washington (105)Pittsburgh (100)Philadelphia (98)
2018–19Washington (104)NY Islanders (103)Pittsburgh (100)
  • New York Rangers won the division Championship and went on to win the President’s Trophy in the 2014–15 season
  • Washington Capitals won the division Championship and went on to win the President’s Trophy in the 2015–16 and 2016–17 season
  • Washington Capitals won the division Championship and went on to win the Stanley Cup in the 2017–18 season
  • Pittsburgh Penguins came second in the division Championship and went on to win the Stanley Cup in the 2015–16 and 2016–17 season

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